Trading is risky and your entire investment may be at risk

Become a Tied Agent

Become a successful partner. If you are interested, we can assist you to become our Tied Agent.

Who is a tied agent: A person established in a Member State who acts under full and unconditional responsibility for only one investment firm of a Member State.

Services offered by tied agents:

  • Receiving and sending orders in relation to the financial instruments of the company
  • The promotion of investment and/or ancillary services
  • Acquiring clients or potential clients
  • Placement of financial instruments; and/or providing advice to clients or prospective clients about financial instruments or services of the company


  • Have suitable staff with relevant skills, knowledge and experience
  • Establish a registered office in a Member State

Benefits for partners

  • Access to analysis
  • All-day support
  • Partnership with a regulated and licensed broker

Benefits for clients

  • Quick business conduct
  • Pleasant ordering
  • Economic calendar and market reports right in the platform
  • Creation of price charts
  • Inserts and corrections directly in charts
  • Mobile trading thanks to mobile apps

Trading with leverage products such as CFDs and FXs involves a significant risk of loss and may not be appropriate for all investors. Trading with these products is risky and can result in total loss of the entire capital invested.

TopTrader pays commissions to its tied agents who direct clients to the Company. Further details regarding commissions payable to tied agents will be provided in writing at